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How to get to ” Nyungwe Nzinza Ecolodge”

We offer paid chauffeur services from Kigali airport to Nyungwe Nzinza Ecolodge.

There daily flights by Helicopter from Kigali International Airport to Kitabi.

What you need to know before your travel to Rwanda.


Foreign Nationals wishing to obtain a Rwandan Visa, submit their applications to Rwandan Diplomatic Missions of their Country of residence for processing.

In case where we don’t have a Diplomatic Mission/ consulate, foreign nationals request for a visa acceptance letter online, which will be presented on arrival to obtain a visa upon payment of visa fee ($30).

In view of bilateral agreements, nationals of the following Countries may visit Rwanda without a visa for a period up to 90 days: Hong Kong, Philippines, Mauritius, Singapore and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

EAC Partner states citizens’ shall be issued with 6 months visitors pass (renewable) upon arrival with no fee.

Nationals of Australia, Germany, Israel, New Zealand, Republic of South Africa, Sweden, United Kingdom, and United States of America will be issued with entry visa valid for a period up to 30 days and pay for a visa ($30) upon arrival without prior application.


When Packing: Don’t forget a windbreaker or a light raincoat. When tracking gorillas you will be in a rain forest, so it will more likely than no rain. You will need good walking shoes, socks and a thats if you going gorilla tracking. Garden gloves are also recommended to avoid stinging nettles. A light sweater for the evening is recommended and generally long sleaves and trousers worn at this time will help keep the mosquitoes away. If you enjoy swimming, bring your swimming costume, the main hotels in Kigali all have swimming pools. If your itinerary includes Lake Kivu at either Karongi or Rubavu, you will have the opportunity to swim in the lake but kindly follow the advise of the guide. A torch should be recommended for every adventure destination and Rwanda is no exception.

Voltage: Voltage is 220V

Drinking water : It is NOT advisable to drink water from the taps. You will be able to get bottled water wherever you go. One must also remember to carry water with them on the actual tracks.

Credit cards:

The unit of currency is Rwanda franc. The US dollar is the hard currency of preference. Very few places in Rwanda accept either credit cards or traveller’s cheques. Only the major hotels in Kigali and Serena Hotel in Rubavu plus a few airlines accept them.

Camera and film
Bring both. Lots of the latter. Do not forget plenty of batteries.



There is no charge for private filming in the parks but there is a fee for commercial filming and prior arrangements have to be made.

Vaccinations The only one you will need for Rwanda is Yellow Fever. We strongly suggest that you see your doctor about malaria precautions. Security Rwanda is considered the safest travel destination in the region Communication Rwanda has excellent cell phone network covering almost the entire country.

International phone calls can be made easlily. Appropriate SIM cards for the network are readily available everywhere, even in remote towns, and cell phones can be purchased or rented from major shops in Kigali. Most towns of any size will have several Internet cafes and computer centres.

How to get to Rwanda

Kigali International Airport is served by a number of international Airlines such as RwandAir, KLM, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Airways, flydubai, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, South African Airways, EgyptAir among others. A number of international non-stop flights operate from different international cities to Kigali International Airport. These include;

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Ethiopian 2h 30m
Amsterdam, Netherlands KLM 8h 25m
Brazzaville, Congo RwandAir 2h 55m
Bujumbura, Burundi RwandAir, Ethiopian, Kenya Airways 40m
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania RwandAir 2h 15m
Dubai, U.A.E RwandAir 6h 00m
Entebbe, Uganda RwandAir, Ethiopian, Flydubai 55m
Istanbul, Turkey Turkish 6h 40m
Johannesburg, South Africa RwandAir 3h 50m
Lagos, Nigeria RwandAir 4h 30m
Bruxelles, Belgium RwandAir, BrusselAirlines 6h
Kigali, Rwanda Akagera Aviation 30m
Mombasa, Kenya RwandAir 1h 40m
Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania RwandAir 1h 40m
Nairobi, Kenya RwandAir 1h 25m

Note: Rwanda is a polythene free country. For environmental reasons, plastic bags are not allowed)

How to get to ” Nyungwe Nzinza Ecolodge”

We offer paid chauffeur services from Kigali airport to Nyungwe Nzinza Ecolodge.

There daily flights by Helicopter from Kigali International Airport to Kitabi.